Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

Anita Thomas

"Working here has expanded me as a person."

Who I Am

My name is Anita and I have been with Richmond for about 14 years. I was thrilled to be given this job and quickly came to love it. I spent the first few years here working at a group home with people with developmental disabilities and eventually started to work in a residence serving people who also have significant medical problems, where I am today.

My Work At Richmond

Working with people with many different types of developmental disabilities has expanded me as a person. I have learned so many things about people, about life, about families and about the challenges people face. Probably the most important thing I have learned is that the people with disabilities that I work with every day are just like the rest of us, except they communicate differently. They sing, they laugh, they love to have fun and they work hard at things they know are important for them.  All of my co-workers are 100% committed to their work. We have team meetings with the social workers and the program staff, never feel that we are isolated and there is always an atmosphere that the whole staff is working together. We discuss the needs of the individuals in the programs, any particular problems that they may be having and also are given the opportunity to give suggestions. I feel respected and valued.

My Core Values and Beliefs

Respect for the dignity of all individuals, no matter where they are from or what disabilities they may have is something that I deeply believe in. I think to work in an incredible place like Richmond, you must be mentally and physically committed to the work and truly believe in the satisfaction of helping other people live their lives as fully as possible.

My Legacy

I would like to be remembered as a good mother to my two children, a hard worker who always took full responsibility for her job and a happy person. As a parent, I always feel it is important to reassure the parents of the people I work with that they are in good hands and always safe. I consider their children my family also.