Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

Darren Wilson

Working at Richmond...

Darren Wilson is one of two full-time Speech and Language Patholo- gists (SLP) at Richmond Community Services. The St. John’s University trained specialist has been with Richmond for over eight years and works with adults, concentrating on swallowing problems. Swallowing difficulties at this age effect nutrition, speech and even breathing leading to poor health and non-effective communication skills. The majority of SLPs work with children but Darren finds working with adults most gratifying. He has developed close relationships with those he serves and even their families and knows that they all deeply appreciate his efforts.

Team Approach...

Darren, with his constant smile and upbeat personality, has worked with a number of organizations but says that at Richmond he experiences “the most comprehensive team approach” of any agency. There are team meetings every morning, consultations with the direct support professionals, and constant availability of other rehabilitation specialists.

His own approach on getting to know Richmond residents consists of talking to them rather than at them, observing them at meal times, learning their patterns and then developing therapy plans.

Life’s Purpose...

Darren says that he “was put on this earth to teach, to be engaged with people through a multi-sensory approach.” He feels at times that Richmond has given him more than he gives to Richmond. Darren plays the piano and the guitar, has two loving children and his wife is a Physical Therapist.

He would highly recommend working at Richmond to professionals who want to be part of dedicated and effective treatment teams.