Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

How We Help

Support for Individuals

We are experts at helping people communicate when they cannot speak; become more mobile when they cannot walk; improve their capacity to participate in their own daily care and achieve personal goals. Our knowledge and experience, combined with technology, medical, educational and rehabilitative resources, enables the people we support to maximize their abilities, often beyond expectations.


We offer a number of residential care options throughout Westchester, ranging from apartment style living to small houses. In each setting, our goal is to create a home where adults can continue to grow. We celebrate holidays and birthdays, manage doctor visits or physical therapy appointments, arrange outings into the community, and enjoy art, music or other recreational activities.  

Day Programs

At our facilities in Yonkers and Mt. Kisco, we address personal goals such as vocational training, the skills of daily living, health and exercise, and social skill development. We encourage participants to achieve their highest level of independence.


We believe individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities should be full and valued members of their communities, and exercise as much control over their own lives as possible. We are part of the Hudson Valley Regional Self Advocacy Association.

Support for Families and Caregivers

Medical Services Coordination

We help individuals and their families navigate the complicated systems necessary to support a person with significant disabilities. We help find medical care, insurance coverage and make referrals. Our service coordinators may accompany an individual to a doctor’s appointment or decipher options to create a workable service plan for individuals. Whatever the specific action, our goal is to ensure each person with a disability maximizes his or her potential.

Spanish Translation

(This section is the copy just above, “Medical Services Coordination,” in Spanish.)

Environmental Modification Program (EMOD)

At no cost to the homeowner, families can make adaptations to their homes so their loved one can continue to live at home. We are experts at helping people receive funding from New York State to make modifications such as ramps, wider doorways, new bathrooms, kitchen adaptations, automatic door openers, chair or bed lifts, and even the conversion of entire rooms. We provide the architect and builder, and supervise the entire project.

Services for the Community

Advocacy and Education

RCS is aware that many people hold prejudices toward neighbors with developmental disabilities. To help combat ignorance, we regularly testify at public hearings, speak to outside groups, write letters to politicians and raise money to support our activities. We are committed to engaging the people we serve with the wider community. Richmond and its generous donors provide support including transportation and staffing so that we can attend regional and state meetings to meet peers, learn more about issues and opportunities, and receive advocacy training.

Education for Professionals

RCS offers learning and professional development opportunities for partners in Westchester who work with people with developmental disabilities.

Learn about this year’s educational opportunities.