Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is a 1-to-1 training program that supports individuals in achieving their goals as they develop and enhance the skills needed to live more independently. The focus is on a person's strengths, goals, and critical skills for development. Taking place in small groups, individuals learn skills enabling them to become as independent as possible as an employee/volunteer. With a mix of classroom learning and on-the-job training, the person-centered topics focus on work safety, following directions, multi-tasking, problem-solving, completing tasks, and understanding work culture in order to creat a positive and fulfilling work/volunteer experience.

Where does Community Habilitation Take Place? 
Services take place at home and/or in the community, depending on the individual's goals. 

What Support is Offered? 
Services are delivered on a set schedule agreed upon between the provider and individual. During meetings, the individual can choose to work on many skills, such as: 

Personal care
Life safety
Household tasks
Social and leisure skills
Accessing community resources and activities
Travel training
Money management

Contact Us
Jeffrey Greenberg, M.S., Director of Community Habilitation and Vocation Services
914-471-4100 ext. 6047