Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

Site-Based Respite Program

A caring, interactive and fun environment awaits at Richmond Community Services' Respite Program for children ages 5-18 with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Designed to provide caregivers with rest and time to recharge, this program meets the physical, emotional, social, and mental health needs of each child in a safe environment. To ensure personal attention, we maintain a 1:4 ratio of instructors to children. 

When and Where is the Program? 
Respite takes place every 3rd Sunday of the month from 10:00am-3:00pm at 272 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco.

What Activities are Offered?
Activities are individualized for the ages and interests of each person and include: 
Social activities in a mixed-age environment
Puzzles and games
Reading nook
Craft projects
Seasonal activities
Bike riding
Computer skills

Does My Child Qualify for Respite Services? 
To find out if your child is eligible for respite services, speak with your care manager.

Contact Us
Jeffrey Greenberg, M.S., Director of Community Habilitation and Vocational Services
914-471-4100 ext. 6047