Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities


We provide a home for people in the true sense of the word “home”.

Our support is lifelong. We provide residential supports that range from round-the-clock medical care to outings into the community and everything in between. We celebrate holidays and birthdays, manage doctors visits or physical therapy appointments, and enjoy art, music or other recreational activities in the evenings or weekends together. We create bridges between people with developmental disabilities and others living nearby.

We are experts at helping people communicate when they cannot speak; become more mobile when they cannot walk; improve their capacity to participate in their own daily care and achieve personal goals. Our knowledge and experience, combined with technology, medical, educational and rehabilitative resources, enables the people we support to maximize their abilities, often beyond expectations.

Our approach is comprehensive and all encompassing. Helping people maximize their abilities is a team effort. Every aspect of our programs, medical services, and even physical environments can contribute toward helping people live their lives to the fullest extent possible, enhancing the quality of life.

Our team of physicians, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, direct support professionals, psychologists, social workers, clinical managers, technical staff, facilities workers, as well as administrators all work closely together toward the same goal: to help each individual reach his or her fullest potential and live with as much independence, dignity and happiness as possible.

We offer a number of residential care options throughout Westchester, ranging from our healthcare facility in yonkers which provides 24 hour nursing and other health related services such as medical, rehabilitaion, nutrion and respiratory apartment style living to small houses. In each setting, our goal is to create a home where adults can continue to grow. 

For further information regarding our residencies please contact: 

Badru Murphy at (914) 968-2744 - bmurphy@richmondcommserv.org or Jeffrey Greenberg at (914) 302-7953 - jgreenberg@richmondcommserv.org