Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

Sunny Burdman, Parent

It was the hardest decision we ever made – and the smartest decision we ever made.
It was roughly 35 years ago when my late husband and I decided to place our toddler son in the care of Richmond Community Services. In the more than three decades since we agonized over our choices, we’ve seen Glenn receive round-the-clock loving support, plus engage in activities we never thought he could experience. And in each of those decades, we’ve enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from knowing we made the best decision for our son. There has been no second-guessing; just gratitude that Richmond was one of our options.
Despite the seriousness of his disabilities, which made it impossible for us to care for him at home, Glenn has been doing things that were for many years considered beyond the capabilities of children and adults like him. He’s gone horseback riding, skiing, fishing and bicycle riding. He’s also been to area concerts, movie theatres, game rooms and parks. Each adventure has seen him surrounded by friends, cared for by people as if he was one of their children, so actively engaged that the smile on his face is a permanent feature of his personality. Equally impressive, his neurologist, who has known Glenn since he was 6 months old, recently told me Glenn exceeded the expectations she had for him.
Parents want their children to be happy. Glenn is happy. And conversations with other parents tell me Glenn’s not alone in being happy at Richmond.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Richmond in helping it help other adults and children. I’m grateful for the opportunity to let others know about the positive differences Richmond makes in the lives of the people it serves.
“Richmond Community Services is not just the agency overseeing my daughter’s care, it has also become our extended family…”